• The School Counselor’s Role in Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Students

    In every school across this country, faculty and staff are faced with new challenges and – opportunities – to adopt and implement policies and practices that promote safe, welcoming learning environments for transgender and nonbinary students across the K–12 continuum. Research shows that transgender and nonbinary students face high levels of distress in their schools, from blatant discrimination to bullying and harassment by peers. Hear an overview of the terminology and concepts related to transgender and nonbinary identities and experiences and walk away with actionable guidance on best practices for supporting and affirming all students and navigating pushback and other challenges that may arise in your schools. Download Accompanying Handout

    Learning Objectives:

    After viewing this webinar you will be able to:

    1. Recognize and use appropriate and affirming language
    2. Identify best practices for supporting and affirming all students
    3. Strategize ways to navigate pushback within your schools and districts


    Ellen Kahn, Senior Director of Programs and Partnerships, HRC Foundation

    Guest panelists:

    • Sarah (mom) and Jj (child), from Maryland
    • Ellen (mom) and Nico (son) from California
    • JR and Vanessa Ford, Massachusetts, parents of nonbinary child

    Original air date: June 21, 2022

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