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ASCA National Model, 4th Edition: Manage

August 7, 2019

Tour the organizational tools and assessments available to guide, target, structure, and construct a school counseling program to get results. Each is designed to help school counselors develop, implement and evaluate their school counseling program based on clearly defined priorities reflecting student needs. Download accompanying handout here. 

Learning objectives:

After viewing this webinar you should be prepared to:

  1. Utilize the organizational tools and assessments that will help you take the next step in implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.
  2. Use school data to drive annual student outcome goals and assess the effectiveness of counseling programs, activities, and interventions
  3. Identify examples of Participation, Mindsets & Behaviors, and Outcome data
  4. Create action plans that structure and prioritize your delivery of services, programs, and activities
  5. Identify the benefits of an Annual Administrative Conference, advisory council and calendars


  • Dr. Karen Griffith, ASCA Certified Trainer
  • Mark Kuranz, ASCA Certified Trainer

Original air date: Aug. 7, 2019