• Support Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students

    Learn how you can support your students who are transgender and gender expansive in grades pre-K–12. Address important terms, schoolwide inclusive practices, legal issues and how to examine your school’s policies. Leave with the tools needed to start thinking about how you can best ensure all of your students feel safe, supported and accepted at school.  Download accompanying handout Take-Aways

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    Learning Objectives:

    After viewing this webinar, you will be able to:

    1. Define transgender, gender expansive and other important terms related to sexuality and gender identity
    2. Differentiate between sex and gender and sexual orientation and gender identity
    3. Identify legal resources protecting students who are transgender and gender expansive that also protect you as an educator
    4. Identify areas in your school or district that can better support students who are transgender and gender expansive

    Tara Kierstead, School Counselor, Hall-Dale Middle/High School, Farmingdale, ME

    Original air date: March 31, 2022

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