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Effective Crisis/Trauma Response

December 29, 2017

School counselors are critical members of the trauma-response team in every school. Learn how to respond when a major traumatic event happens in your school. Defining your role, and that of the other members of your response team, school and district community are keys to your students’ social/emotional well-being and your school’s recovery. Utilizing specific scenarios, walk through the difficult situations and the myriad things members of a trauma-response team must consider and do under stressful and often chaotic circumstances.

Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss scenarios to understand the depth of response and what schools need in the recovery phase of a traumatic event.
  2. List key tasks to complete in the wake of a crisis situation
  3. Locate valuable resources to prepare your school for recovery

Jon Widmier is the director of student services for Jefferson County Public Schools, Colo. The student services department oversees 170 school counselors and 38 social/emotional learning specialists that support 85,000 students. Student services covers mental health crisis response for the district.

Andy Tucker is the director of student support for Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colo.  A former teacher, school counselor and building administrator, Tucker now oversees the work of the school counselors and the social/emotional learning and well-being of all district students and staff.  He also leads the district’s trauma-response team.

Original air date: Jan. 30, 2017