• Use Labor Market Information in Career Advising

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    Workforce needs have changed dramatically over the past few decades, and a high school diploma isn’t sufficient for most careers providing family-sustaining wages. This is rooted in the global shift from an industrial to knowledge-based economy. Many communities are facing a misalignment between college degrees and labor market needs, so students aren’t prepared for careers that are high-wage, in-demand and high-skill, and employers cannot find qualified employees. School counselors need to understand how to share information about the economy as well as labor market information to guide students and their families in exploring career options. Explore the current and emerging labor market, and describe how to use labor market information with students and their families. Additionally, learn how career technical education (CTE) can be a tool in connecting students with programs leading to meaningful credentials and in-demand careers. Download accompanying handout.

    Earn 0.1 CEUs/1 contact hours for this webinar by purchasing and passing the corresponding quiz found in the Specialists and Exams section of the Online Store. CEU exams are available for 3 years following the live webinar. 

    Learning objectives:

    After viewing this webinar, you should be able to:

    • Explain what labor market information is and the benefit to using it in career advising and development
    • Locate labor market information in your state/community
    • Determine what resources you need to discuss labor market information with audiences
    • Explore how to integrate labor market information in your career advising efforts


    Steve Schneider is a school counselor at Sheboygan South High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  He has been practicing school counseling since 1996, and has always been a champion for innovative approaches to connecting PK-12 education to the world beyond the four walls of our schools.  In the past 23 years, Steve has served in multiple leadership roles with the Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA) and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).  In 2009 he was selected by ASCA as a Top Ten Finalist for School Counselor of the Year, and in 2018 he was selected as the Wisconsin School Counselor of the Year.  He is currently serving on the WSCA Board of Directors, and is a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) Scoring Team Captain.

    Original air date: Oct. 22, 2019

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