• Prioritize Equity and Student and Staff Social/Emotional Learning Needs on School Reentry

    As school reentry remains at the top of the news cycle, it is imperative that schools prioritize efforts to address students’ social/emotional learning and mental and behavioral health through an equity lens. Addressing academic skills gaps will remain an important objective; however, students won’t be ready to engage in formal learning until they feel physically and psychologically safe. Establishing that sense of safety will require coordinated efforts and preparation and an intentional focus on creating an equitable learning environment upon students return. Download handout here.

    Learning Objectives:
    After viewing this webinar you should be able to:

    1. Strategize ways to create an equitable learning environment while addressing students’ social/emotional learning and mental and behavioral health needs regardless of how instruction is delivered this fall (in-person, hybrid or virtual).
    2. Locate resources to aid you in supporting student and staff social/emotional needs upon school reentry.


    • Stephen Sharp, School Counselor, K-12 School Counseling Coordinator, Hempfield School District
    • Amanda Fitzgerald, Director of Public Policy, ASCA

    Original air date: Aug. 26, 2020

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