• Get Published in Professional School Counseling Journal

    You have the data to show your school counseling interventions work. Take the next step and share your successes with the rest of the school counseling community. Get help writing an article for Professional School Counseling journal about how you implement and evaluate programs in your school or school district. Come to this session with your data,your story or a draft of a manuscript, and receive small-group and individual help to write your manuscript. Counselor educators and school district leaders who are collaborating with practicing school counselors are welcome too. Download accompanying handout.

    Learning objectives:
    After attending this webinar you should be able to:

    1. Explain how to conduct practitioner research
    2. Begin drafting or revise a manuscript for the Professional School Counseling journal
    3. Share your practitioner research with journal readers

    Carol Kaffenberger had a 25-year career in K-12 education and elementary school counseling. Since the mid 90s Kaffenberger has taught in a school counselor preparation program first at George Mason University where she retired emerita in 2010 and then as a faculty adjunct at Johns Hopkins University. Kaffenberger consults with school districts and state associations providing training for school counselors in the use of data. She is a published author and is the practitioner research editor for ASCA’s Professional School Counseling journal.

    Original air date: May 9, 2017

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