• A Conversation with Dr. Johnnetta Cole and Dr. Richard Wong

    Recently, ASCA had the pleasure of featuring Dr. Johnnetta Cole as a keynote speaker for the ASCA@Home conference. Dr. Cole discussed why diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion are more important now than ever.  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the inequities in our society and in our education system. An accomplished educator and advocate for social justice, Dr. Cole has much to contribute to the conversation. She remains optimistic about change. “The more we pull together toward a new day, the less it matters what pushed us apart in the past,” she says.

    So ASCA asked Dr. Cole if she would sit down with us again to elaborate on her keynote and respond to questions we crowdsourced on social media.

    The Possibility Project anti-racism resources mentioned by Dr. Johnnetta Cole can be found here.

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