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ASCA U Flash: Landman or Land Professional

December 6, 2023

A landman is the public facing side of an oil, gas, mineral or other energy sources exploration and production team who interacts and negotiates directly with landowners to acquire leases for the exploration and development of minerals or other energy sources, including renewables. The land profession plays a vital role in our local communities, states, country and world by providing the basic necessities for a modern life, as well as national security and a strong economy.

The American Association of Professional Landmen serves as a guiding resource to support landmen as they continue their education in our ever-evolving world. Our 16 accredited programs at prestigious American universities encourage the infusion of new talent to the profession by, among other benefits, offering free AAPL student membership to students and over $250,000 in scholarships. Visit or email for more information.